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6 lots assembly in
Marpole Community Plan

温西轻轨站  公园旁  公寓开发用地

Eric Ho (何) 778-388-8884
35,529 SQFT:     Oppurtunity to purchase 6 properties for land assembly from FSR 0.6 to FSR 2.5
35,529 sqft, FSR 2.5 Buildable Potential 88,822 sqft

占地35,529英尺,南北向,容积率可达2.5,建筑面积 可达6 88,822平尺

Close to Cambie and 57, future Skytrain station


Beside Golf Course, Parks and other recreation



Eric Ho (何) 778-388-8884

Part of the Cambie and Marpole Area, 35,529 sqft, including 6 individual single house lots, land assembly into high density 5 story residential building.  Located right by the 57th and cambie future skytrain location, it is situated beside the Golf course and Langara College.  Quiet residential area, yet convenient.


300 feet long, at an average of 118.43 feet per property.

Potential to hold and redevelop later.    


坐落在温西令人向往的Cambie/Marpole社区,占地35,529平方英尺,目 前含有6个南北向的独立屋,可以整合而开发成多户的公寓楼盘。位于 市中心地段,地理优势无与伦比,即非常靠近未来位于主要交通要道 Cambie街和57大道交界处的轻轨站,又位于Langara高尔夫球场旁, 优美安静的内街,而且其周边有许多正在新建的各类开发项目以提供 生活服务和娱乐设施,是个理想的公寓楼盘开发项目



Marpole Community Plan MCP
City planning since 2014 april , the MCP is part of the Cambie Corridor project.  Currently RS-1, and FSR 0.6, the FSR can be applied and submit for 2.5.  According to the construction design, potential 6 level building.  Surrounded by Greenery and Transportation. 


温哥华市议会于201442日批准了Marpole社区规划(简称MCP)。 此物业位于该社区内Cambie子区域中,规划为需要重新建造更好和 更高楼盘的区域。因此,虽然目前规划是RS-1 (独立屋居住区) FSR0.6,但在MCP规划下,容积率可达FSR2.5允许建筑高达6层的 楼盘。这为在温哥华市这条最绿荫的大路旁,重建2幢温馨安静的公寓 提供了大好的机会。

Eric Ho (何) 778-388-8884
Eric Ho (何) 778-388-8884
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